Phantasy Star Online 2

About Phantasy Star Online 2 According to My Playing Experience

I want to start this first post on my blog about the game that called phantasy star online 2, this game is a mmorpg type game. although this game is still not open world, but for me pso2 is very interesting. Starting from the story, making our own character, to grinding that can make you frustrated, lol.

Actually I want to make a post about this game, but only now can be realized. Hopefully my post in this time can provide benefits for the readers πŸ™‚ Although I have not been too strong in this game because I play just to take the time.

And here it is, my beautiful character, Eriri!

I really love her, as my own daughter *forget this*

now, I play as a Hero with level 80 in this game. Hero is one of the classes in the phantasy star online 2.

Before I write another article, let me review a bit about phantasy star online 2.

Phantasy Star Online 2 is a game published by SEGA, this game is a type of MMORPG with a story with cut-scane that I think is good, In addition to the story, this game also has a lot of features that you can enjoy, ranging from making your own character, do the moves you want like dancing or anything else, playing casino, pvp with other player, and much more. This game is not open world but for me this is good, because the dungeon and place in the game has started to be developed. Phantasy Star Online 2 is actually a game that only in japan country, but lately it can be played from other countries with the help of existing proxy servers, of course there is a translation into English.


In terms of story, this game is about sci-fi, telling about race from humans, newman, cast, and last update is dewman. They are inside the space fleet called “Oracle”, Oracle’s goal is to spread a group of people known as “Arks” to research a newly discovered planet.

From episode 1 to episode 5, episodes will have new stories and of course planet discovery is one of them. Stories in the game will continue to be developed by SEGA which would be very interesting if we follow the story. I have not yet finished this story, because I am too busy with grinding and looking for clothes so that the characters can be more beautiful or cool .. LOL


the gameplay of this game is very varied, you can focus wherever you want, if you just catch meseta (meseta is the currency in this game) then you will only be a collection of antiques and various types of clothing that can make you happy * I also apply this goal, lol * or want to be strong and able to use all the existing classes, or just want to follow the story in the game, or you want to try all. certainly depends on you.

There are many types of quests you can do here, such as Free Fields, ARKS Quests, Bonus Quests, Buster Quest, Riding Quest, Time Attack Quests, Emergency Quest and many more, each quest has a different purpose, I will not have time to explain it here , you can visit the English-language wiki onΒ www.pso2.arks-visiphone.comΒ and for news updates you can visit In your quest you can also party with other players.

In addition to doing quests you can also buy items in the shop, open your own market, play casino, design your room, do pvp with other players, and many more things you can do with your friends here. No friends? let’s be friends * lol * but i play on server ship01. Oh yes, in PSO2 there are 10 server ship (from ship01 until ship10) where you will not be able to meet different player ship, then decide which one you think the most people. as far as I know the English-speaking players are on ship02, but if you want to be on ship01 with me I will be happy: D. and do not worry, pso2 update now has a feature to meet with player from other ship, by visiting the lobby pvp then you can talk there.

For while there are 4 races in this game as I mentioned earlier (human, newman, cast and dewman) but I think the race is not too influential on the ability, only limited to different appearances to give your special characteristic. which becomes influential is the selection of a very important class in this game, you can master all classes but must grinding all weapons for each class.

In the phantasy star online there are a total of 9 basic classes and 1 advanced class. namely (Hunter, Fighter, Ranger, Gunner, Force, Techer, Braver, Bouncer and Summoner) for his advanced class is Hero. please read the wiki to know more about this class.

Grinding material is also very necessary for the future of your game, so from it follow the Emergency Quest is an easy step to get rare items or useful material. but you can also run various other quests with your friends to get rare items.

May be enough up here a review of gameplay, because I also have not tried all the features to the corners.


in terms of graphics, I think it uses an anime type that almost plunges into 3D. very suitable for me who like game that has type like this, not heavy to run and can be arranged level of quality, so don’t worry for you who use low-end PC.

But for those of you who use high PC spec and want to enjoy more perfect graphics, you can add your own plug-in like Reshade / SweetFX for PSO2.

Music / Voices

in japan game, in my opinion it has become mandatory to provide this feature. music are accordance with the genre of this game, in addition there is also voice acting in NPC and you can apply also to your character, there are various Voice that you can buy in this game πŸ™‚

Probably enough so my first post, once again thanks to readers of this blog, happy to enjoy your day ~ πŸ™‚

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