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PSO2 Character Creation – Sistine Fibel RokuAka

In this third post I will give a recipe to create a character in pso2 character creation namely sistine fibel from anime Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records or can be called “RokuAka” using accessories and costume type which I think is cheap for you to buy with meseta. hope you guys like this. Happy cosplay in phantasy star online 2 🙂

sistine fibel pso2

rokuaka pso2

システィーナ=フィーベル pso2

ロクアカ pso2

Here is a recipe I’ve set up to make Sistine Fibel character creation, you can also modify the accessories and materials to get better. I can only provide a recipe like the following, hope it helps 🙂

Race Human
Face variations Anime Face
Pupil pattern Type A 3
Eyebrow FUN 細長キリまゆ
Eyelash FUN 細くっきりまつげ 黒
Makeup pattern ナチュラルメイク
Hairstyle シオンロング
Costume AC ノエル・レプカ
Accessories ネコ耳
FUN ジュエリーヘアバンド

Want To Download this *.fhp file ? just click the download button below 🙂 please comment if you like this

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