Phantasy Star Online 2

When Choosing Between Atra Farder or Demonia Saber

Sad because I have not got the weapon, if given the option to choose, I consider both have advantages and disadvantages of each. When the atra farder is easier to get than the demonia saber, I know they both have “-er” at the end of their name. So both are very good * I’m just nonsense *

Because I play using Hero Sword (the easiest class to use, and get lots of reports from players in pso2 world, lol) so I decided to get this weapon that called atra farder. Continue Reading

Phantasy Star Online 2

About Phantasy Star Online 2 According to My Playing Experience

I want to start this first post on my blog about the game that called phantasy star online 2, this game is a mmorpg type game. although this game is still not open world, but for me pso2 is very interesting. Starting from the story, making our own character, to grinding that can make you frustrated, lol.

Actually I want to make a post about this game, but only now can be realized. Hopefully my post in this time can provide benefits for the readers 🙂 Although I have not been too strong in this game because I play just to take the time. Continue Reading