Phantasy Star Online 2

When Choosing Between Atra Farder or Demonia Saber

Sad because I have not got the weapon, if given the option to choose, I consider both have advantages and disadvantages of each. When the atra farder is easier to get than the demonia saber, I know they both have “-er” at the end of their name. So both are very good * I’m just nonsense *

Because I play using Hero Sword (the easiest class to use, and get lots of reports from players in pso2 world, lol) so I decided to get this weapon that called atra farder.

To get Atra Farder you need weapon “Val Farder” and a material called Time “Reversal Stone Chronos” which can be obtained free when finished Dragon EQ, and then material like saphard and goldnia, after that you can exchange it to NPC named Zieg. I want to save meseta for affix, so from that I buy Val Farder with nice affix * assume the 8s * with the suitable price in Visiphone, then after that I exchange with Atra without affix again * because I am lazy *.

When viewed from the ability, Atra Farder is superior in the Affix Tier, written that the series of weapons has at least 1-4 Support S-Class Tier, where you can give affix s-class in this weapon. In terms of compatibility with the Hero Sword, the sword holder must be able to withstand not getting hit by enemies, at least 60 seconds for maximum damage from the hero to come out.

In contrast to Demonia Saber, this sword is already in design with a hero like a pso2 ad that appears in episode 5. This weapon has a perfect match with Hero, because the potential of this weapon is very useful for Hero that is capable of powering up to 14% and 200% chance most for maximum boost hero attacks. so for you no longer need to withstand from enemy attack for 60 seconds, just about 20 seconds then your attacks will be maximized, but this weapon does not have the advantages of s-class tier support like atra series weapons.

So, what’s the conclusion? the conclusion is if you are user’s hero sword, it’s more suited to use demonia saber. therefore I really want to get this weapon, very sad …. sad my heart T_T

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